Here is how to enable Nomorobo on Adams Cable service:


  1. Go to
  2. Click the Get Started Now button
  3. Click Internet Landline
  4. Type in the phone number (ex. 5701231234) and click Check Availability
  5. Select Adams Cable Service from the dropdown menu
  6. Enter an email address to use for the Nomorobo account and click Start blocking Robocalls NOW!
  7. Look for a confirmation link that was sent to the entered email and click the button Click Here to Setup Nomorobo
  8. Fill out the required information and click Sign Up
  9. On the Dashboard, click the Click here to get started. Button
    1. For Phone Type select Landline/VoIP
    2. For Carrier select Adams Cable Service
    3. Enter the phone number in the Phone Number section
    4. Click Next
  10. Follow the steps on the page also found below
    1. Log into the Adams Cable Phone Account
    2. Username is the full phone number (ex. 15701231234)
    3. If a password has not been set call 570-282-6121 for assistance
    4. Once signed in click on the phone number to show all options
    5. Scroll to the section labeled Call Handling
    6. Click on the tab labeled Find Me
    7. Re-arrange the list by clicking the next to Phone Number
    8. The new order should be Phone Number then Device then Timeout Action
    9. Enter the Nomorobo phone number, which is 1 570 354 0688 next to the Phone Number section
    10. Click the Save button in the lower right hand corner
  11. Click Next
  12. When you are ready click the I’m read. Call me now button
  13. Answer the phone when it rings and follow the instructions to finish configuration