To register for WTVE please visit WTVE and follow the instructions below:

1. Account Number

Your Adams Cable 9-digit account number with the hyphen

in XXX-XXXXXX format.

2. Last Name

Your last name as it appears on your bill. The last name must

match the primary account holder name.

3. Verification Code

The 5-digit code that appears to the right of the text box.

4. First & Last Name

Enter the first and last name of the user to be tied

to the account in the boxes.

5. Password

Choose your desired password and confirm it in the box below.

Passwords must be at least (8) characters, including UPPER/lowercase and numbers

6. Password Reset

Select your password reset question in case you forget

your password.

7. E-mail Address

Select an e-mail address. The e-mail address will be

your login for all WTVE content and will be used to verify your account and

password reset information. You may register up to (4) e-mail addresses per


Once the above form is completed, an account verification e-mail will be sent to the e-mail provided above. 

Follow the link to complete your WTVE registration.