Make sure you are registered with an account by clicking here

First go to the bill pay login page located here

Next click on the red text that says "Register for the first time"

On the Register Account page fill out the required information

  1. Email Address - This must be a real email address since you will need to click a confirmation link
  2. New Password - Follow the requirements highlighted in red
  3. Repeat Password - Enter what you typed in the New Password Field
  4. Account Number - You can find this on any work order or bill. ONLY ENTER THE LAST 6 DIGITS
  5. Phone Number - This is so we can get in contact with you regarding billing matters
  6. Last Bill Amount - Located at the bottom of your bill statement. This may differ if you made changes during the billing cycle OR
  7. Document ID - Typically the last four digits of the Social Security Number

Click the Register Button

A verification email will be sent to the provided email

The Verification email will come from: Adams Customer Care <>

Once verified you can now log in using the email address and password