Echoes Stream Q&A

What is Echoes Stream?

Most people have already used an IPTV platform such as Netflix or Hulu. Adams Cable Service has developed their own platform, Echoes Stream, to enhance your television watching experience.

IPTV refers to Internet Protocol where internet is used to deliver TV programs and Videos that are either live or on demand. Echoes Stream is a system where our digital television service is delivered to the subscriber through the Internet Protocol technology via the medium of broadband or internet connection.

Where can I find the Echoes Stream app?

The Echoes Stream App will be available through the Google Play Store, Amazon App, and Apple app store. Click the icons below to head to the respective app store.

Echoes Stream Features

Echoes Stream offers many advanced features.

The first thing you will notice is an enhanced guide. The new guide will allow you to use the 'Catchup' feature on some channels to watch a show that has already aired. A second feature of the enhanced guide is the 'Restart' feature which allows you to restart a show that is already in progress, from the beginning.

Just like other streaming services, you can create multiple users. Each unique user will be offered programming suggestions based on their viewing history.

For $4.99 a month you can subscribe to a network DVR service. This allows you to record up to 120 hours of programming that will be stored for 30 days. You can then watch these programs when you want on any Echoes Stream compatible device in the home.

What do I need to get Echoes Stream?

You are able to use your own compatible Smart TV or streaming device.

For a complete list of compatible devices click here Compatible Devices

What if I do not have my own device?

Adams Cable Service can provide you with one at a cost of $2.99 a month. Each TV will need a compatible device.

Will my programming change?

Your programming will not change. You will still have access to all the same channels you currently subscribe to.

What will happen with the cable boxes we have in the home?

Your current cable boxes will be collected upon set up of your Echoes Stream service.

How many devices can I have in my home?

You are allowed to have up to 10 devices on the Echoes Stream app in your home.

How many people can be on the app at once?

You will be able to have 5 devices streaming on Echoes Stream at one time.

Will I be able to use the Echoes Stream App when I am not at home?

The Echoes Stream App can only be viewed from within the Adams Cable Service territory. If you are on the road traveling, you can still have access to your service through the Watch TV Everywhere App. To register for Watch TV Everywhere App go to

Do I need to upgrade my internet speed?

Our introductory internet speed will support Echoes Stream. However, if you have multiple devices using the internet at once you may notice some buffering.

What happens if my internet goes out?

Since Echoes Stream runs off of the Internet, if the internet goes out you will not have access to the Echoes Stream service.