Open Outlook and select File.

Click Add Account.

Enter your E-mail Address, Click on Advanced Options, and check the box for Manual Set-Up.

Then Click Connect.

Select IMAP.

Enter A Strong Password. Password must contain 8 characters with one or more UPPER case letters, one or more lowercase letters, a number, and a symbol.

Click Connect.

Windows will now try and connect and may fail. We need to enter the parameters manually. 

Click on Change Account Settings.

In "Incoming mail- Server", please change the server settings to 

Port 993.

Encryption Method must be SSL/TLS.

The outgoing mail server should be automatically filled with "" 

Port 465.

Encryption Method must be SSL/TLS.

Please verify before moving forward or change it if needed.

Then click Next.

Enter your password and click CONNECT.

When the credential form opens, please remove the "" from behind your name.

Click  OK.

If you entered the correct info, You may now click done or add another email to Outlook.

*If you receive an error at the end or the credential box keeps popping up, then the user name or password is incorrect.

Final Step:

From the home screen of Outlook, click FILE. Then Account Settings.

Click Account Settings again.

Next DOUBLE CLICK on the Account Name to open more settings.

Type : INBOX in capitol letters in the "Root Folder Path" box and click NEXT.

You have now completed setup.